'Dark Knight' Premieres in Gotham

The streets of New York were overrun by the caped crusader at last night's premiere of "The Dark Knight." Emotions ran high as "Extra" hit the red carpet to dish with the stars about the flick -- and the Oscar-worthy performance of the late Joker, Heath Ledger.

"He was great," said Batman Christian Bale. "He's a phenomenal talent. He was great company. I miss him dearly." Ledger's family flew in from Australia to catch Heath on the big screen -- but shied away from cameras and the red carpet, opting to quietly honor the 28-year-old actor, who died in January of an accidental drug overdose.

As critics and co-stars alike give Ledger's performance rave reviews, the buzz is that Heath could land himself a posthumous Academy Award. "It wouldn't surprise me one bit," said actor Aaron Eckhart. "He deserves it."

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