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Canseco Says A-Rod and Madonna Did Have Affair


Former major leaguer José Canseco told "Extra" that he believes Yankees star Alex Rodriguez did, in fact, have an affair with Madonna. "Alex may have looked to her as a mentor, and now there's something else going on. I knew that marriage [with wife, Cynthia] wasn't going to last at all. I feel bad for Cynthia... but she was in a lose-lose situation," said Jose.

News of Rodriguez's divorce and rumors of infidelity did not surprise Canseco. He claims, "When we were in Chicago, I was setting up Alex with girls. They were actually strippers. It's hard enough to have a relationship in today's society, but a guy like Alex Rodriguez -- good looking, money, playing with the Yankees. It's over."

When asked if the alleged affair between Madonna and Rodriguez was just for publicity, he responded, "I don't think it's a PR scam. I think she's genuinely interested in Alex." As for why Rodriguez's may be intrigued by Madonna, Canseco explained, "She's definitely a figure of interest... she's in great shape. Powerful figure."

Canseco also told "Extra" about his Madonna connection, revealing, "We were just friends. Nothing sexual. I kissed her one time. We spoke a lot everyday. I really wasn't sexually interested in her."

Madonna has denied the allegations of an affair. Rodriguez has not commented.

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