Jamie Lynn 'Focused on Family'

Teen mom Jamie Lynn Spears is opening up about life with her new baby girl, Maddie Briann Aldridge -- and revealing how having a baby has made family her first priority, reports OK! magazine.


The tween queen is living in Louisiana with Maddie and her baby daddy fiancé, Casey Aldrige -- staying away from the paparazzi madness of Hollywood. "Around here, everyone has the same focus," said Jamie Lynn. "The focus is family, and that's a good way to live."

Britney's baby sis feels blessed for her "perfect pregnancy" and is already looking forward to being a hands-on mama. "She'll feed every two or three hours... we get up in the morning, and she gets her little bath. Then I get my bath. We have a routine," says Spears, adding, "I would love being the soccer mom."

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