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Brinkley and Cook to Settle?

The Brinkley divorce trial has taken a sudden and unexpected twist as rumors are flying that the supermodel and her disgraced ex-hubby may be working on an out-of-court settlement -- with talk of still more damaging info on Cook as the reason for the sudden change.

Private investigators hired by Christie are said to have more dirt on Cook -- and this supposed smoking gun may prompt the cheating Peter to settle out of court.

"Anybody would be happy with a settlement," said Cook. "Why would I be interested in bashing the mother of my children like she's bashing me?"

Yesterday, a court-appointed shrink testified that both the supermodel and her ex-hubby would both benefit from therapy - Brinkley for her anger issues and Cook for his sex addiction and egomaniacal actions. The estranged couple is currently battling for custody of their two tykes -- Jack, 13, and Sailor, 10.

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