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Cybersex Addicts -- The Warning Signs


Christie Brinkley's porn-loving ex, Peter Cook, is said to have shelled out 3K a month on XXX porn sites -- but he isn't alone in his naughty net obsession -- an estimated 30,000 people a second are surfing for porn!

"So many men are used to using it, because it's accessible, affordable, and there's anonymity," says MomLogic.com's Dr. Shannon Fox. "It's incredibly addictive."

Now, "Extra" has the red flags to look for to find out if your spouse is cybercheating -- from preferring porn over the real thing to racy bedroom requests. "When they start asking you to do things in the bedroom that you don't feel comfortable doing," that's a warning, said Fox. "Any time a spouse asks if they want to invite someone into the marriage -- that's a huge red flag."

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