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Scarlett: Obama's E-mail Pen Pal?


Hollywood starlet Scarlett Johansson is an avid supporter of prospective Prez nominee Barack Obama -- but the Illinois senator is putting the kibosh on rumors that he and ScarJo have exchanged personal e-mails. "She sent one e-mail to [my assistant] Reggie, who forwarded it to me," Obama told OK magazine. "I write saying, 'thank you Scarlett for doing what you do,' and suddenly we have this e-mail relationship."

The 23-year-old actress expressed her enthusiasm for Barack earlier this month, telling the politico, "You'd imagine that someone like the senator who is constantly traveling and constantly 'on' [can't] return these personal e-mails -- but he does."

Support for the Democratic senator seems to run in the family -- Scarlett's sexy twin brother Hunter is one of Obama's campaign organizers -- and is busy raising money for the senator in Hollywood.

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