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Holy Follieri!


Anne Hathaway's former flame, Raffaello Follieri, faced accusations of biblical proportions in a Manhattan court yesterday. The Italian businessman has allegedly swindled millions from real-estate investors by claiming he was the Vatican's CFO, reports the NY Post.

The 29-year-old was forced to hand over all travel documents and was placed on detention, unable to leave his NY crib except for legal, religious or medical purposes. Raffaello will be confined to his home until he meets bail -- set at an ungodly $21 million!

Follieri is accused of hiring people to dress in clerical robes to convince investors he worked for the church -- then spending up to $6 million of investors' money to live a rich and famous lifestyle -- including lavish restaurants, chartered air travel and buying prime real estate. While in custody of US marshals last night, Raffaello collapsed and was hospitalized -- his condition is unknown.

The "Get Smart" star got smart and split from her sketchy beau last week -- allegedly due to his trouble with the law.

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