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Mario's 'Fitness' Secrets Revealed!

Mario Lopez has wowed America with his ripped abs, bulging biceps and knockout physique -- now the hunky "Extra" correspondent reveals his body beautiful secrets in his new book, "Mario Lopez's Knockout Fitness"! "The book covers everything from fitness to nutrition, to just leading a healthier lifestyle overall," says Lopez.

"Extra" was there as Mario bared some muscle for the book's photo shoots -- and got a sneak peek at the "Chorus Line" star's favorite exercises -- including three different types of curls. Having a great body pays -- Mario is currently steaming up Broadway, and danced with the "Stars," but he believes that anyone can adopt a healthy lifestyle. "The problem is finding the time," he says, "I don't really have the time, I just make the time."

Mario also shares his tips for staying fit: eat healthy, keep a journal and stay focused! He even shows you how to get rid of that pesky tummy roll. "Mario Lopez's Knockout Fitness" is on sale now.