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Mario Lopez: NYC's Busiest Bachelor


"Extra" correspondent Mario Lopez visited Conan O'Brien's last night -- and "Extra" was behind the scenes for the interview. Lopez dished about being single in the Big Apple -- and answered rumors that Playgirl has offered the "Knockout Fitness" author a chance to strip down and show off his goods!

Lopez confirmed that the magazine made the offer, but he "politely declined." On being an eligible bachelor, Mario said, "I'm so focused with work -- I'm not even thinking about any sort of romantic relationship. I don't think I'd make a good boyfriend at the moment, but I'm working hard so I'll be able to provide when I do."

The "Chorus Line" star's work ethic may upset his plethora of female fans -- who Mario says can be a little aggressive. "They'll touch and they'll squeeze, and I feel kinda violated at the end of the day." It's not easy being a hunk!