James Bond: Prone, Accident Prone

The set of the new James Bond movie, "Quantum of Solace," is proving to be a dangerous place for its cast and crew members. The film's star, Daniel Craig, was rushed to the hospital yesterday after slicing his fingertip open during a fight scene. "He went to the hospital, but there were no stitches," a source tells People magazine. "There was, however, an awful lot of blood."

The 40-year-old British tough guy returned to the London set later that day. Craig exclusively told "Extra" that the stunts are starting to take a toll on his body, saying, "They're starting to hurt, so I can only gauge it by how much pain I'm in. We've got double the action."

The incident marks the second time that Craig has been injured on set. His face was badly cut during an action scene, and the wound required eight stitches! In April, two stunt drivers suffered injuries in two separate accidents in Italy!

Despite all of the drama on set, double the action means "Quantum of Solace" should be a box office hit this November.