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Jack Daddy

Funnyman Jack Black sat down with "Extra" to promote his new film, "Kung Fu Panda" - just days after his welcoming his second son into the world. Jack sacrificed time with his newborn to promote the DreamWorks flick, joking, "I got to put the kid through college!"


The Tenacious D rocker also weighed in on the baby news of his co-star Angelina Jolie, who he outed as being pregnant with twins. "I think my wife told me -- she'd just read it in some rag, then I thought it was common knowledge, then I inadvertently spilled the beans... later Angelina told me she was relieved because she and Brad didn't want to hold in the secret."

As Angie and Brad prep for the birth of their twins, Black dished to "Extra" about the best fatherly advice he's received. "Somebody told me you really have to get in there -- down and dirty even if someone else is offering to change the diaper all the time," said Jack, "Got to be part of all the parenting duties or else the baby can sense that you're not really the full caretaker."

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