'Sex' in the Big Apple

The wait is over! Girl power invades the Big Apple for a night of pure "Sex," style and stilettos! "Extra" found love in the "City" on a steamy, rainy New York night, at the hotly anticipated premiere of "Sex and the City."

The film's fab four looked the part of their stylish counterparts from the HBO hit series -- and felt the pain that only true fashionistas can bear! "I'm very much looking forward to sitting down and getting off my Jimmy Choos," said star Kim Cattrall.

The premiere also brought out the family of Carrie herself, Sarah Jessica Parker. "My entire family is here tonight -- which is 26 people," said the actress, "I have eight brothers and sisters and they're married with kids."

"Sex and the City" will finally answer all the burning questions that left fans hanging -- will Carrie and Big tie the knot? Can Samantha land just one man? Will the movie spawn a sequel? Find out when "Sex" hits your city -- this Friday!

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