Jerry's Blog: A "Cannes"-did Moment

Just back from a whirlwind trip to the south of France... the annual, and oh-so-sophisticated Cannes Film Festival, with the likes of Angelina and Brad (darn, I left just before they bought their new rockin' 70 mill chateau)... and, by the way, Angelina looks even more luminous up-close (if that's possible) now that she's a couple of months away from having their twins. What's she craving?? Hamburgers... in a town overwrought with crepes and baguettes.

But the moment I want to tell you about, which you could have NEVER seen on camera, was at a hotel called the Martinez on Le Croisette, and I was on my way up to the 7th floor to interview Cate Blanchett. Standing at the elevator in a very busy lobby, who should come walking right toward me, about to step into the same elevator?? Noneotherthan Sean Penn, this years Cannes Jury president, and Robin Wright Penn. I hadn't seen Sean since the Palm Springs Film Festival, when he and I had a 'moment' off-camera at a party. It had just been announced that he and Robin were splitting, and I had a very nice conversation with him about his privacy, respect, the media, etc. Very enlightening to hear his perspective, and honestly, he's a very disarming and genuine man.

So, here we are riding up 7 flights in an elevator in Cannes, and he asks me how the festival's treating me... he remembered our conversation in Palm Springs, and we made some further small talk, about all the films he's had to view as Jury president.... how he's not getting any 'time off' because of his responsibilities to the festival. Overall, a very cordial and nice conversation, with one of the most misunderstood and intensely private stars of our time. What I wouldn't give to get an ON-camera moment with him. One of these days....