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Teddy Goes Sailing


A day after being released from the hospital, Senator Kennedy and his wife Vicki sailed their yacht, "Mya." Vicki, Ted's second wife, nearly 20 years his junior, revealed in an e-mail to family that despite his brain tumor diagnosis, her 76-year-old husband amazingly insists on racing in a regatta off of Cape Cod this weekend -- and still plans to deliver the commencement address at Wesleyan University!

"Extra" sat down with renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Keith Black of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, who said new cancer drugs and experimental vaccines could possibly help the senator. "Avastin may be a promising drug to consider," said Black, "I would also look for immune therapies."

Kennedy has reportedly revealed to his inner circle that he has the perfect replacement for his senate seat -- his wife Vicki - who worked as a summer intern in Teddy's Senate office mailroom before becoming a hotshot attorney -- and is credited for being the Kennedy clan's rock after JFK Jr. was killed in a plane crash. Insiders say that Vicki is already emerging as the family matriarch as the crusading Ted begins the fight of his life.