'Indy' Lassos NYC

Hollywood hits Harlem -- Indiana Jones style! With real-life leading lady Calista Flockhart by his side, Harrison Ford spilled secrets -- and cleared up some rumors for "Extra" -- from the set of "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!"

Did the 65-year-old actor perform his own stunts for the latest action-packed "Indy" installment? "I don't do stunts, I do physical acting -- running, jumping, falling down -- that kind of stuff," said Ford, "stunt guys do stunts."

Co-star Shia LaBeouf revealed just how hush-hush the latest Indy chapter was kept. "The whole set was a secret -- say something, lose your job," said Shia. "I remember people getting arrested for stealing computers out of the offices -- I mean it was nuts!"

Hunky LaBeouf was swarmed by female fans, and admitted he had beefed up for his role of "Mutt." How much weight did the "Transformers" star gain? "Twenty pounds," said Shia, "I've never trained this hard for anything I've done." Shia's new body sparked rumors that the 21-year-old is filling out to fill the shoes of Indiana Jones. "No," says Shia, "Indiana Jones is Harrison Ford -- without him there is no franchise."

"Indiana Jones" returns -- tomorrow!