'Extra' Simon Says...

The King of Mean is sounding off on everyone from Clay Aiken and the latest "Idol" to walk the plank -- to one show-stopping surprise -- and only "Extra" has the exclusive sit-down with Simon Cowell!

Tuesday night on "American Idol," Cowell told dreadlocked crooner Jason Castro to pack his bags -- and America agreed. "He looked like he couldn't care less," said Simon of Castro's elimination.

From "Idol" present to "Idol" past -- Simon takes a slap at second season runner-up Clay, who dissed the show in a new interview -- and caused one hairy situation! Seeing Aiken's new blond hairdo, Cowell quipped, "So that was Nancy Grace, where's Clay? It's just that hair. I can't listen to him."

Simon did, however, entertain the notion of a face-off between TV's top judges, himself and Bruno from "Dancing with the Stars!" "He comes on 'American Idol,' I go on 'Dancing with the Stars,'" says Cowell. Find out if it's going to happen as Simon and Bruno make history on "Extra" next week!