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Tila Tequila on 'Love' -- and Miley

MTV reality darling Tila Tequila made an appearance at a party for LG's new Scarlet television, and she was spilling Season Two secrets from her hit show, "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila." "I just remember crying a lot," she says of tonight's episode.

Miley Cyrus' controversial Vanity Fair photo shoot is also a hot topic for the MySpace sensation. Tila says of the topless Cyrus, "I think it's hot. When I was 15, I was doing the same thing except I bared it all. She's just showing her back. She's growing up. I don't think she's doing anything harmful. If the media keeps pushing her, pressuring her, she might end up messed up. But right now, I think everyone should just let her have fun. She's not doing anything scandalous."