Matlin's Last Mambo


Marlee Matlin and partner Fabian Sanchez came up short in the ballroom week
of "Dancing with the Stars" -- and danced their final dance this week. The blonde beauty got a low score of 21 and was sent home by voters, but her appearance on the program was a triumph and inspiration for millions.

Marlee lost her timing during the Mambo, and the rhythmic dance suffered as a result. "You guys looked like you were forcing and struggling," said judge Carrie Ann Inaba.

The audience and judges gave Matlin a rousing standing ovation, and she offered a touching farewell speech, saying, "All I can say is thank you to the judges... I want to thank the magnificent Fabian for giving me the most beautiful art of dance in my life."

The Oscar-winning actress received a hug from longtime friend and "Dancing" host Tom Bergeron, who said, "I'm going to step out of the role and say, as a friend, I am so proud of you."

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