Webber Praises 'Idol's' White


Andrew Lloyd Webber is taking on "American Idol," and Idol hopeful Brooke White has made a lasting impression! "The girl who I was really quite impressed with was Brooke," Webber told the Los Angeles Times blog.

After a day of rehearsing with the final six, Webber is ready to rest. "We have a rather weary composer here," he says of himself, "it's probably best to define him as a de-composer."

The transition from sugary pop songs of Mariah Carey and Dolly Parton to the hefty musical numbers of Webber will be a difficult one for the aspiring artists, but the composer praised their work. "The six kids were really in their own ways all very talented," he says.

Tune in to FOX tonight to see if the judges agree with Webber's opinion.

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