Marlee: 'Dancing' Off the Pounds!

"Dancing with the Stars" is heating up -- and power couple Marlee Matlin and partner Fabian Sanchez are dancing their way into the "Extra" studio. The Oscar-winning actress reveals how at week seven of the competition, all the moving and shaking have helped her drop some serious weight.

"I've lost three sizes in my pants," signed Marlee, "but what's really important is my energy has gone way up because I have a good diet... I'm working out every day." Matlin's rhythm has astounded viewers as the first deaf contestant -- but her secret to keeping on beat is no mystery; "I lead, she follows," says Fabian.

Matlin's weight loss reflects in the progressively more risqué outfits she's rocked on the dance floor. How far will "The L Word" actress go with her skimpy threads? "I'll go as far as I can," says Matlin, "as long as they cover up the most important parts that no one should ever see on television."

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