Jerry's Blog: Celeb Fight Night in Vegas

Ok, Vegas twice in one week is a little much, even for me. Stimulus at every turn, and I can't stop playing 25cent Wheel of Fortune (I know, lightweight). Anyway, I find myself back at Planet Hollywood (Extra's Vegas home) on Saturday for the big "Battle of the Planet" between a Philly fighter and a Welsh boxer. It's Planet Hollywood's first boxing match, and boy did they pull out the stops. It was celebrity gridlock at the hotel and casino. And only Extra, of course, was there and a part of it.

We're the only show invited into this off-the-hook pre-fight Celeb reception and the Thomas and Mack Center at UNLV, where the fight was happening. Michael J. Fox, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Simon Cowell, Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwartenegger, and on and on. But the biggest deal to walk through the door was Whitney frikkin' Houston. She hasn't granted an interview to ANYONE for years. She looked fantastic, and in true diva fashion, entered the room with a huge entourage surrounding her.

I very nicely approached her with cameras rolling, and just started a conversation. Boxing fan? No, I hate it, she said. I'm here to to hear Ray J (singer, and her supposed love interest of the moment) sing the National Anthem. He's pretty special?, I ask... Oh yeah he is phenomenal. What can we expect from your new album? It's going to be great she gushes... and what about the word 'comeback" -- comfortable with it? Ah, this is my back... and she shows off her well-toned back, and laughs, I've never gone away.

Wooooo Hoooooo....!! One of the 'big gets' that was on our list for the upcoming May sweeps period was none other than Ms. Houston. Scratch that one off the list now. Mission accomplished. Thanks, Whitney....

P.s. Flight delayed for 1 hours in Vegas. Was hanging with Mark McGrath and one of our supervising producers Scott Eldridge at the airport. Good thing we're delayed. I got to play some quarter Wheel, and took home an extra 200 bucks! Makes up slightly for the string of losses the last few trips here.