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Mill-ions in Sin City

Jackpot! "Extra" scores the first TV interview with Heather Mills following her $50 million divorce from Paul McCartney. When she wasn't playing in the "Extra" Lounge inside the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Heather was making headlines again, talking to Britain's "GMTV" about Paul's love life and the ladies with whom he's been linked. "I wish all the girls the best of luck," says Mills, "better them than me!"

Heather confirmed that she does not regret dumping water on McCartney's attorney, Mrs. Shackleton. "She said something under her breath so I cleansed and baptized her. I thought she looked fantastic."

Heather is in Las Vegas to judge Donald Trump's Miss USA Pageant this weekend. She's planning to tango again with her former "Dancing with the Stars" partner Jonathan Roberts -- this time without her prosthetic leg! "I thought if I do a back flip and all these other moves without my leg on... it would be great," she told "Extra."