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Salma's Healthy Pamper-ing

Oscar-nominated beauty and award-winning producer Salma Hayek has another accomplishment to add to her list - playing the role of mom to her 6-month-old daughter, Valentina! Hayek opens up to "Extra" about motherhood, not being "able to remember what life was like before" her "beautiful and fun and amazing" baby girl... and she's now helping other children.

The "Ugly Betty" producer says she hasn't "slept in the last six months," but as the ambassador of Pampers' "One Pack Equals One Vaccine" campaign to prevent infantile tetanus, she still finds the energy to provide UNICEF with vaccine shots for developing countries.

The fight against tetanus, which takes the life of a baby "every three minutes," struck a chord with the first-time mom, who cherishes the "blessing of having a healthy child" as "the best thing that can happen to anyone."