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Beyoncé and Jay-Z: Ring Bling Not Their Thing?


The biggest alleged hip hop wedding of the year supposedly went down on Friday, but Beyoncé and Jay-Z aren't wearing wedding rings -- or acting like they're newlyweds.

"Extra" spotted bootylicious Beyoncé leaving the Manhattan apartment she shares with the rap mogul, but without Jay-Z. When a fan shouted, "Congratulations!" the 26-year-old diva stayed mum. Then Jay-Z was caught partying at 40/40 Club in NYC Monday night -- hardly a honeymoon outing. What's the deal?

While the two remain super secretive, People magazine says the wedding definitely happened - with no expense spared. The famous duo reportedly had 70,000 white orchids fill their Manhattan apartment for a "spiritual" ceremony in front of family and friends. And despite reports they're both ringless, People says she wore a "huge rock" yesterday in Atlanta, where Jay-Z was performing.

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