Priscilla, Queen of the Dancers!

After four weeks of grueling workouts for a variety of dances, Priscilla Presley and partner Louis Van Amstel have twirled their way to the top spot! This week, she's giving "Extra" a peek at her follow up to last week's spectacular tango -- a sultry waltz!

Priscilla and Louis are training for six hours daily in the studio, but the 62-year-old is not showing any signs of slowing down, saying, "I'm having a great time!" When asked what Elvis would have thought of her participation in the competition, Presley admitted her late ex would have thought she was crazy.

Meanwhile, she's dancing her way to a new physique - the svelte single has noticed changes in her body since the beginning of the competition, allowing her a little reward here and there; "I'm eating ice cream sandwiches every night!" confessed Presley.

"Extra' thinks that culinary pampering isn't the only thing she deserves, so we've hooked her up with a "Dancing with the Stars Survival Kit," including foot and body scrubs, and other ways to soothe sore muscles. Tune in ABC tonight - and see if we helped Priscilla and Louis waltz their way to victory!