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$eacrest Sees Big Green

"Extra" takes a peek inside of the pocketbooks of Hollywood's biggest stars with Parade's 25th annual "What People Earn" issue, on stands April 13th. Along with the help of Editor Janice Kaplan, we're able to see what kind of dough celebs are pulling down.

Ryan Seacrest hosted his way to a fat $12 million... with plans for another $50 million for a 2008 radio deal. The "Idol" golden boy says that it's not about the dinero, joking that he has the one thing Simon doesn't - a radio show! Seacrest was almost pushed aside by another '07 standout - Trouble ... Leona Helmsley's dog. The hotel queen bequeathed $12 million to the pampered pooch.

Among the bigger players: Oprah is living large - raking in a whopping $260 million this past year, followed by "Indiana Jones" director Steven Spielberg, who filmed his way to $110 million. These salaries make Hannah Montana's paycheck seem like chump change, but for tween queen Miley Cyrus, earning $18 million before she's old enough to drive is impressive.

The Disney dream child has outpaced some of Hollywood's big earners, including Mary-Kate Olsen, Jessica Alba, and "Knocked Up" and "Grey's Anatomy" star Katherine Heigl, who can't complain about her $11 million paycheck!