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A Royal Engagement

Prince Harry has reportedly asked for the hand of girlfriend Chelsy Davy, and the Zimbabwe-born heiress has gladly given it!

The two have been dating since '04 and made headlines for their partying ways, but now it seems they're ready to settle down. Harry, 22, popped the question while on a holiday in Botswana, after visiting Chelsy's family in South Africa. "Harry is far more serious than the public image he has of being a party prince," a source told the Sunday Mirror.

Don't hold your breath for the sound of wedding bells at Westminster Abbey -- Chelsy, 22, wants to finish her schooling at Leeds University, while Harry has plans to rejoin the armed services overseas -- he just returned from a stint in Afghanistan.

The royal family may be linked to the hush-hush nature of the proposal. "His family believes that at 22, Harry is too young to marry -- and he can't do so without the Queen's permission, until he is 25," says a source to Woman's Day.