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K-Fed -- Hey, Big Spender!

"Extra" has obtained court documents showing just how much Kevin Federline spends -- and more interestingly, on what. The papers reveal the former backup dancer and wannabe rapper has an affinity for liquor stores, golf clubs, swanky Sin City hotels, fast food joints and Toys 'R' Us.

The dad of four spent $649 at Toys 'R' Us, $351 at Party House Liquor in Tarzana, $43 at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles, $477 at a Honey Baked Ham store, $415 at the Malibu Country Club, $1,200 at Burke Williams Spa, and thousands at various Las Vegas hotels.

As of 2007, K-Fed had $126,054 in assets. His total income -- from acting roles, music and other appearances -- brought him $533,074. Britney's lawyer, Stacy Phillips, is arguing that K-Fed "understated his income" and tried to write-off large tips as business expenses. The docs reveal K-Fed left a $600 tip on a $2,000 bill.