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Guttenberg Takes His Final Bow

Steve Guttenberg waltzed off of "Dancing with the Stars" last night -- but he's not shedding any tears! "No, it's not sad," The Gutte told "Extra" backstage. "The great thing is that life keeps going on."

The drama kept coming last night as Shannon Elizabeth's partner Derek Hough was injured! Earlier in the day, Derek made a dramatic exit in an ambulance because of a neck injury. "It was in rehearsal," he explained. "I was just dancing and whacked it out and I just knew immediately something was really wrong. They put me on a gurney and a neck brace, ambulance, the whole lot. But luckily, it's nothing skeletal." Derek made it back in time for last night's show, but the mishap forced him to skip performing with pop singer Kylie Minogue.

Broadway's Marissa Winokour is still around to dance, with no one more surprised than her main man! "My husband came by and cleaned out my trailer!" she said. After all, judge Carrie Ann Inaba wasn't impressed with her this week. "That was boring," she told the curly-haired cutie.