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Ashley's Ex-Fiancé Starts Talking

He's the one man who may know Ashley Dupre better than anyone, even better than the ex-Governor of New York. Jason Jarocki is breaking his silence only on "Extra," coming forward about the woman who was almost his wife.

"To sum it up, she broke my heart," Jason says. "She was a real girl, a good girl -- a good Catholic girl. A girl every guy would want to meet."

Jason says he met Ashley at a nightclub in 2006, but claims that after their engagement a few months later, the good girl changed. "Towards the end she was disappearing," he says. "I had no idea where she was or what she was doing or anything at all. Then, all of a sudden, she popped up and said, 'Hey, here I am.'"

Jason says he had "no idea" what she was up to -- and that's why he broke it off. He never even knew that Ashley was "Kristen," a high-priced call girl, or that she appeared in "Girls Gone Wild." "To tell you the truth, it's pretty surprising," he says. Even "GGW" boss Joe Francis was surprised by Ashley's newfound fame. "There are a lot of girls gone wild -- not all of them grow up to be a governor's hooker," Francis told "Extra."

Now, as the world waits to hear from Ashley herself, Jason wants to pop one last question to his ex: "I'd love to know if she still has the ring."