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PETA Barking up Britney's Tree

It seemed she had a new puppy as often as she had a new weave, but now that Britney Spears has turned the page in her dogged-by-paparazzi life, the animal rights group PETA, which once criticized Brit for wearing fur, sent her a letter offering the position of a "virtual receptionist." Arf!

After seeing Brit on "How I Met Your Mother," PETA wrote to the starlet, "We might have criticized you in the past for contributing to the dog overpopulation crisis and for wearing real fur, but perhaps now that your own crisis has abated, a new day calls for a new relationship, a new outlook, and a new understanding," meowed PETA prez Ingrid Newkirk.

Brit may not need PETA's job now -- she's reportedly reuniting with former business manager Larry Rudolph in a move widely believed to be the first step toward a real comeback. E! News says the two are working together again, one year after she famously accused Rudolph of conspiring with her family to get her into rehab.