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Lindsay's High-Rise Life

Lindsay Lohan, former poster girl for out-of-control Hollywood starlets, is coming clean about her life and times. "I'm doing great. I'm really focused," she told "Extra" in an exclusive interview.

Lindsay took us into her private world, showing off her two-bedroom, million-dollar New York high rise at real estate mogul Matthew Moinian's Atelier - where she's safe from the snaparazzi, and said, "The security is fantastic here, which I think is really important. It's hard to have a private life and keep relationships and that sort of thing, but I had four days off from them recently in L.A. and they didn't follow me at all." The starlet, 21, is now finally getting room to breathe -- and she's tattooed the phrase on her arm as a reminder.

Lindsay's refuge is the Manhattan building, where she's hosting a photo exhibit benefiting the American Red Cross. "It's just me wanting to do more charity work," LiLo explained, "and wanting to get more involved." Lindsay has also reconnected with her once estranged father, Michael, whose stints in prison and rehab strained their relationship. Said Lindsay, "Everyone's happy and I'm always happy when things are going well for my family as well, including my mom's show and everything." Mom Dina's reality show focuses on the famed momager getting her 14-year-old daughter, Ali, into show biz. And Lindsay's advice for her little sis? "I wish her the best. To keep her head on straight and to stay away from the clubs." Well said!

The former wild child swears she's back on track, too -- thanks in part to her "Georgia Rule" co-star, Jane Fonda. "She's given me lots of advice that's been helpful," she said. With more movies in the works, Lindsay tells "Extra" that she's also recording a new CD, with which she hopes to tour. "It's more of a dance-vibe, so this one I want to go big with."