Overmyer Over It

Punkish rocker Amanda Overmyer left "American Idol," but fans haven't seen the last of her. "I'll give it a little bit of time. See how much momentum I've created and see if I can do a career change and make this what I do now," she told "Extra." The Hoosier nurse says she'll have to draw the line somewhere. "If it ends up being my 15 minutes of fame, I'll gracefully bow out and go home and do what I was doing. I'm not going to chase that unicorn forever."

Amanda wowed Idol judges with her Janis Joplin-style pipes, but as the competition heated up, she was unable to show versatility -- and she didn't seem to want to. "I really didn't put forth much effort to change anything or mold into what I needed to do to continue on with the show, which is exactly what I wanted to do."

Still, she has no regrets. "The whole objective was to come out and put my sound on TV and see if people liked it. So I accomplished what I wanted to do."