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Jennifer Shows Off Her Twins!

Jennifer Lopez and her newborn twins, Max and Emme, appear in this week's issue of People magazine, and Lopez is calling motherhood "the most magical time of my life."

People's Peter Castro got the scoop on J.Lo's new life with hubby Marc Anthony, explaining that even with a staff that includes two nurses, assistants and a butler, "they do a lot of the work themselves. They're up until six feeding the babies, taking care of the babies, they do not want to leave them; they are so attached right now."

As for the baby weight, "She gained 45 to 50 pounds with her pregnancy -- but she wanted to do that. She had twins, and she wanted to get those twins big." Now, the glamorous mom's in no rush to lose the weight. "She's enjoying motherhood and that's what shes concentrating on."