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Simon Pays Mortgage for Struggling Family

Maybe he's really a softie at heart after all. "American Idol's" judge Simon Cowell has paid the mortgage of a financially-strapped family struggling to take care of their cancer-stricken daughter. Simon revealed his gentler side on Monday's "Oprah" and vowed that little Madelaine Stoen and her grateful parents Amy and Randy will be fine.

After the emotional Windy City taping, Simon was still clearly moved when he sat down with "Extra." "They had some financial problems which were relatively easy for me to sort out," he explained. "I always had a nice side." Leona Lewis, winner of Simon's hit British talent show, "The X Factor," agreed. "I never got the bad side," she told "Extra." The stunning singer made her debut on Oprah's show and sat down next to her proud mentor, who gushed, "She's the real deal."