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Did Alicia Quit over Britney?

Did Alicia Silverstone give Britney the cold shoulder? That's the rumor floating around Hollywood after reports surfaced that the "Clueless" cutie backed out of a taping of "How I Met Your Mother" after learning Brit would have a guest-starring role. But Alicia's reps say the whole thing's baloney -- she was in discussions to do the show, but the deal never went through. "It had nothing to do with Britney," adds the rep.

As for Britney's performance, the cast of the CBS show is raving. "She seemed very nice and even-keeled," Neil Patrick Harris told "Extra" at last night's Jamison Irish Whiskey show celebration. Added Alyson Hannigan, "She's great and she's funny and I think she's going to remind people how talented she is."

Of course, if the acting thing doesn't work out, Brit Brit may have this to fall back on - rumors of a $4 million offer to dance for a Middle Eastern millionaire in Dubai. But before she books the ticket - bad news! That rumor's not true, either.