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Ex-‘Idol’ Appearance in Psych Ward?

It’s more mess and controversy for "Idol," as Star magazine reports that season one contestant Nikki McKibbin suffered a nervous breakdown last month, and was held in a psych ward in her hometown of Fort Worth, Texas.

Nikki enjoyed minor success after the May release of her album, "Unleashed," but things deteriorated quickly for the singer last summer, after her mother died suddenly. After friends feared that Nikki’s depressed state bordered on suicidal, they contacted police. Star allegedly obtained a copy of the police report which quoted Nikki as saying, "I want to live with my mom in heaven," and said that she used migraine meds to "dull the pain."

The report says that when officers arrived at McKibbins’ home, she was standing outside, half-dressed and holding white pills. Nikki reportedly tried to kick out the windows of the patrol car, and was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital. The former Idol was reportedly under psychiatric evaluation on a 72-hour hold before being released.