How Demi Defies Divorce Drama

She’s known as one of the hottest moms in Hollywood, and now Demi Moore is opening up about her unconventional family. Moore, 45, tells Harper's Bazaar that her younger hubby Ashton Kutcher fits like a puzzle piece into her life with ex-hubby Bruce Willis and their three daughters, Rumer, Tallulah and Scout. But it wasn't as easy at first. "People made such a fuss about it you would have thought the world had never seen it before. Age wasn’t what I was thinking about, but to rest of the world it was a very big deal."

Demi also opened up about her close relationship with Willis; a bond that rarely occurs after Hollywood divorces. "One of the most healing things for Bruce was seeing me meet someone who has brought me so much happiness. And I so much want the same for him. We get so much from being able to share holidays and spend time with all of us together. The kids don't have to choose. They're getting double the support, double the love, double the encouragement."