Ellen Loves ‘Idol’ -- and Pets!

Daytime’s favorite talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, has a primetime obsession – she’s hooked on "American Idol!" "This is probably the best ‘Idol’ so far," Ellen told "Extra." "The guy from Australia [Michael Johns] is amazing, I think he’s incredible." The Aussie may be all that, but according Ellen, her "Idol" hero is Kristy Lee Cook, the southern belle who sold her horse so she could afford to audition for the show. Ellen said, "She needs to get her horse back, so we want her to win."

It’s not surprising that Ellen is rooting for Kristy Lee, because the comedienne has been an animal-lover all her life. The host is now part owner of the all-natural pet care and food company, Halo.

Ellen insists that the all natural food is what pet owners should be feeding their pets, but is it good enough for humans to eat? "I don’t feel the need to [eat it]," DeGeneres quipped. "I guess if there’s an earthquake and I have a need to, I’ll open up a can and sit on the floor with our dogs and cats and eat it." Now that’s pet friendly!