'Idol' Girls: Here Comes the Waterworks!

It was a river of pitchy tears last night on one the most dramatic shows so far of this season's "American Idol." The country said goodbye to four more not-as-talented hopefuls; Jason Yeager, Robbie Carrico, Alexandrea Lushington and Alaina Whitaker. While the camera didn't feature him in the opening number, Danny Noriega was prominently featured as he cried over the latest departures - or was it because he was spared?

Simon Cowell had previously said that Alaina was a "dark horse" of the competition -- and the usually loquacious judge seemed at a loss for words. Also shocked - blonde Texan Kady Malloy, who looked as if she had already packed her bags, but was not bounced. Paula Abdul, never one to hide her emotions, consoled the bleary-eyed Alaina. "This is so embarrassing, I'm on live TV," Alaina sobbed to Ryan Seacrest while struggling to sing her final song. The formerly bubbly belle mustered up the guts to sing, after being joined onstage by the rest of the girls. Now that's good TV!

Former boybander Robbie Carrico's awkward rendition of "Hot Blooded" left the judges - and the audience - cold. Simon repeatedly told Robbie, 26, that he lacked authenticity, perhaps referring to reports that his flowing locks are nothing more than a prop from "Spinal Tap."

Did America make a mistake by giving Alaina the boot? Tell "Extra" who you think should have gone home.