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Britney's Burly Bodyguard

Recovering mom Britney Spears visited with her sons for the third time in a week, but yesterday, the troubled pop star exchanged rather unpleasant words with her new bodyguard in a violent display outside a sushi restaurant in Beverly Glen.

X17 Online reports that Brit was swarmed by a particularly rambunctious group of paparazzi as she struggled to get to her car, causing her bodyguard to explode. But Brit wanted the chaos to quit and fired back at her muscle, "You’re screaming in my ear! Would you shut the f**k up?" He quickly apologized. So much for a relaxing day with the boys!

Despite the scene with her bodyguard, it seems that the chaos in Brit’s life is settling. Her father has been constantly by her side, and her now frequent visits with the tots are reportedly going well. People reports that the visitation is filled with lots of hugs and good behavior – on Britney’s part, that is.