Sandra Lee's No-Bake Birthday Cake

No-Bake Birthday Cake

Start to Finish 20 minutes Makes 25 servings Towers of store-bought cake, cupcakes, and cookies, decorated with swirls of colored frosting, make this no-bake cake a never-ending adventure. Personalize it with a theme—sports, flowers, or a day at the beach—to make any birthday super-special.

1 bakery-bought half-sheet cake, frosted white and
bordered in color of your choice
1 bakery-bought 8-inch layer cake, frosted
white and bordered in color of your choice
8 bakery-bought cupcakes with white frosting
8 theme-decorated cookies (i.e., birthday packages, sports, beach, sun and moon, etc.)
Writing frosting, CakeMate®
Fancy birthday candles

1. Cut dowels to the height of the sheet cake. Sink dowels around the center of the sheet cake to support the layer cake. Place the 8-inch layer cake in the center of sheet cake (on top of the dowels). Place 4 of the cupcakes on top of the layer cake; add 1 cookie in the center of the 4 cupcakes. Place the 4 remaining cupcakes on the corners of the sheet cake.
2. Decorate with cookies around cakes, pressing gently into frosting and/or inserting into the cupcakes. Use writing frosting for birthday wishes and place appropriate number of candles.