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K-Fed’s Lawyer: The Kids Are Alright

"Extra" caught up with K-Fed’s attorney, the dapper Mark Vincent Kaplan, outside the courthouse today, and we asked the superlawyer to discuss his client’s decision to allow Britney visitation with the kids.

"I think both sides wanted that to occur as soon as possible," Kaplan said. "As soon as there were certain things in place that enabled him to be comfortable that this was an appropriate time [it was arranged]."

Kaplan revealed to "Extra" that Spears’ family had a huge impact on the decision to let Brit see her boys, saying, "Her dad, Jamie, is obviously a positive influence. It looks to be more of a stable setting over there [Britney’s home]."

Unfortunately, the supervised visits with her sons won’t affect Britney’s case. Kaplan explained, "Visitation is immensely important. They have to go well over time. It’ll start ramping up [if they do]." Ramping up is a legal term that would allow the custody rules to change gradually, depending on whether or not events (and Brit’s behavior) remain consistent.

We asked if Britney might obtain permanent visitation in the near future. "We have to see that the visitation goes successfully," Kaplan responded. "Successful means that there’s appropriate behavior, that there is a positive effect on everyone involved in it. It means there’s got to be consistency over time."

Kaplan added that "the kids are doing fine."