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Jimmy Kimmel's Revenge

Jimmy Kimmel is putting up a fight for funniest video on the net, as he blasted back at long-time girlfriend Sarah Silverman with a hysterically star-studded spoof of "I’m F**king Matt Damon."

Kimmel debuted his own revenge on his post-Oscar show last night, "I’m F**king Ben Affleck," featuring an all-star cast including Cameron Diaz, Robin Williams, Don Cheadle, Harrison Ford, Lance Bass, Josh Groban and a special appearance by Brad Pitt playing a "FEX" delivery boy.

"Matt, Sarah, this is for you," Kimmel said lovingly, adding that the video has received about 8 million hits between Youtube.com http://youtube.com/watch?v=6lcmNaXmjvsand ABC.com.

The video begins with Jimmy saying, "I’ve been getting busy too," and features a variety of clips with he and Ben in many compromising positions, including doing pedicures, blow-drying each other’s hair, standing face-to-face in an almost lip-lock and strolling in cut-off jean shorts.

In one of the more memorable moments, Harrison Ford pulls up in a car next to the newly-unveiled couple, and sees a "Honk if you’re f**king Ben Affleck" bumper sticker on the side. Affleck reaches over to the driver’s seat and honks, of course.

After showing the video, Kimmel said, "The reason I did this, I didn’t want my parents finding out from the tabloids."

Ben joked that his wife, Jennifer Garner, didn’t really receive the couples’ news well, admitting, "Thank God my daughter is too young [to understand]," referring to he and Garner’s two-year-old, Violet.

Kimmel responded with, "Well, she’s our daughter now."