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Jon Stewart 'Pacing' Before Academy Awards

Jon Stewart is about to take the stage for Hollywood's biggest night. So how is he preparing for this Sunday's Academy Awards?

"Nothing crazy. You know what I do most, more than anything? Pace," he confessed. "I used to smoke, but now I just pace."

And try to downsize the mega-stars in the audience.

"Well, they’re pretty much the same size as most people. That would be interesting though if it were me sitting and they were like the Macy’s Day Parade. Like, 'My God, Jack Nicholson is the size of the Underdog balloon!'" he joked.

But Jon really isn't worried - he can't see 'em anyway.

"You can’t see because the lights are in your eyes so as far as I know, these are the Latin Grammys," he laughed.

He's even shrugging off the inevitable critiques that will follow his performance.

"No matter how well you think you do, you’re not in control of it. Once you put it out there, it no longer belongs to you," he said.