Jerry on Bette Midler: 'She's Still Got It'

Fans of Bette Midler will not, I repeat, NOT be disappointed by her new Vegas show at Caeser's! I had a rare opportunity to see the VERY FIRST run-through performance Sunday night, and without giving anything away, it's sassy, salty, and sexy!! Miss M's still got it, and looks better than ever...

Get ready for the feathers and sequins to fly. Being that it was a dress rehearsal, there were still some glitches to work out, but honestly, only Bette knows how to make even those so entertaining. At one point, her top actually caught on fire -- crisis was averted, though. You just can't help but stand up and cheer for this consummate performer!

Every song you WANT her to sing, she does. She makes you ask "Celine, who?" -- considering she's technically taking over for Ms. Dion on the same Vegas theatre she inhabited for years.

After the show, I had a rare and very personal sit-down with the legend, where she got extraordinarily personal about her past (as one of the original bad girls of show biz) -- speaking of, she's got lots to say about Britney... and about Bette's own future after this Vegas run (will she retire???) -- get all the scoop straight from her lips on Wednesday's (Feb. 20) Extra.