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Stars Stage A Britney Intervention

Britney shopping footage provided by CelebTV.com

As Britney Spears' life spins dangerously out of the control amid a mental breakdown and nasty custody battle, the music industry's biggest names are giving their advice to the fallen pop star.

"It's not easy, especially starting at a young age in this business," says Janet Jackson, Brit's childhood idol.

Janet says she's only a phone call away if Britney wants to reach out.

"You really have to want it, so it's there if she wants it," she says.

Legendary music producer Clive Davis, who helped Whitney Houston pull her life and career back together, is convinced Brit still has a lot to give.

"Briney is a major talent," he insists. "I know she loves music."

Some music legends had other opinions. Showbiz veteran Cyndi Lauper says she isn't surprised about the way Spears has turned out.

"What did you dress her like, and what songs did you make her sing?" she told "Extra." "And what did you make her dance like?"

So are her parents to blame?

"All of them did it," she blasts. "The producers, all of them."

Mogul manager Benny Medina, who helped Mariah Carey bounce back after her battle with depression, says Brit needs to forget about her career and focus on her family.

"She has a lot of love, but she won't have it forever and she needs to do what she can do right now to hold on to it," says Medina. "She should go home and get some rest," he adds. "It's not a healthy environment."

Brit's parents, Jamie and Lynne Spears, are reportedly trying to put together a world tour for her to take her mind off the fast-paced Hollywood lifestyle, but "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell believes she needs a break from work.

"Go eat some apple pie, lie out in the garden, have some normal friends," Cowell says.