Jerry's Stargate Atlantis Blog

Due to popular demand, here's a slightly belated, but still fun-filled behind-the-scenes blog from my visit to the Vancouver set of Stargate Atlantis. For those who don't know the show, it's a wildly popular SciFi channel show produced by MGM up in Vancouver. The fans are rabid, and with good reason. The show is really good!

Fun, and funny -- good acting, writing and directing. I've had friends who tuned in for the first time to check out my episode "Harmony" -- and they tell me they've been hooked ever since. When I was asked to guest star, I held my breath because I wasn't sure if I was going to be asked to be an alien, or something freakish -- which, every actor will tell you -- it just doesn't matter, as long as your scene(s) remain. Well, I was asked to be a Genii warrior -- cool costume, great attitude, some lines --- AND I get zapped by a laser in the end... So much for a recurring role...

About the actors: Joe Flanigan, Jason Mamoa, David Hewlett, Jewel Staite, Amanda Tapping -- each and every one of them are gracious, and don't take any of what they do too seriously, yet are very serious about their roles and pleasing the fans. We had a ball, playing in what looked like an 'enchanted forest' outside of Vancouver... and then Jason, Jewel and Amanda took me on a killer tour of their interior sets on the sound stages... quite an elaborate set-up!

Each one of them can be a comedian in their own right, just so down-to-earth, and funny... When I had to fake my death after being zapped, David Hewlett gave me the best piece of advice... Fall back like a muppet... you know, arms flailing.... it actually made sense, and worked on film! Joe Mallozzi, the showrunner for Stargate Atlantis, made me feel right at home, amidst a crew and cast that have been a real family for quite some time. He blogged about my visit there, so one good turn deserves another... thanks, Joe for making my visit special, and for allowing Extra viewers to get a little taste into your very interesting world.