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Britney Wasn't Sleeping Before Breakdown

Just hours before being placed on a psychiatric hold, Britney Spears was seen driving all over Los Angeles without ever taking a break to sleep.

Yesterday afternoon, after being up all night, "Extra" caught Britney going for lunch at Jerry's Deli with her usual pack of photographers in tow.

Britney first showed up alone, drove around the parking lot and left after being unable to find a parking spot. Minutes later, she returned and entered the restaurant. Upon her exit, her paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib was with her, pushing the ever-growing crowd of photographers out of her way.

Before her hospitalization, several outlets, including X17online.com, began speculating that a breakdown was imminent because of her lack of sleep. In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, she was seen buying a case of RedBull and driving aimlessly through the Hollywood Hills. There are reports that this erratic driving alarmed her new psychiatrist, who called the cops to take Britney to the hospital.