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Is Brit's Reunion With Mom a Disaster?

Despite their long-awaited reunion, things might not be going so well for Britney Spears and her mom.

According to People, ever since Lynne flew in to Los Angeles, she's been fighting with Britney. When Lynne went with the troubled pop star and Sam Lufti to a Mercedes Benz dealership in Beverly Hills yesterday, they "were arguing in the car the whole time."

What could be causing the tension?

Some reports say Lynne thinks Sam is bad news for Britney, 26. But Sam, who calls himself Britney's manager, is also reportedly worried about another member of Brit's small inner-circle: Adnan Ghalib. During Brit's Monday night breakdown, reports say Sam warned her that Adnan was up to no good and even turned off Britney's phones so that Adnan couldn't call.

But Adnan fired back, showing text messages to the paparazzi allegedly from Sam calling Adnan a "manic trigger" and warning him to stay away from Britney.